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Results International Watercross Association ( IWA ) World Championship Watercross
  The season points will be updated at the end of the season to follow the following procedure:
    A) To qualify for Season Points, a driver can only miss (1) one regular points race during that race year. Any more than that and the driver is no longer in the running for the year end points and year end purse money.
B) To be counted as participating in event a driver must register, pay for, and race a minimum of one heat in the class during a race weekend to receive points for event.
C) In a Season with 5 or more races, a driver will be allowed to throw out a low point weekend from being added to the total for year end points.
D) Bonus points will be awarded for racing a full season and will be 200 points awarded to those who race at each points race during a season.
E) Driver Progression: Top 2 drivers at end of year and world champion of class must move up based on average finish of races raced during season. driver may petition board against move.
Download Season Standings Here:

2016 Event Results
  June 4-5 Moose Lake
June 11-12 BIR
  July 15-17 Grantsburg World Championship
  July 29-30 Rock Valley Iowa
  September 24-25th Fall BIR
2016 Final Standings
2015 Event Results
  Moose Lake June 6-7, 2015
  BIR June 13-14, 2015
  Grantsburg July 17-19, 2015
  Ely August 8-9, 2015
  Rock Valley August 21-22, 2015
  2015 Final Standings
2014 Event Results
  Moose Lake Grand Prix
June 7-8
  BIR Wet & Wild Spring Event
June 14-15
  Grantsburg World Championship
July 18-20
  Ely Watercross
Aug 9-10
  Benna Ford Roush Superior Watercross Shootout
Aug 16-17
  Bir Wet & Wild Fall Event
Sept 20-21
  2014 Final Standings
2013 Event Results
  Wet and Wild Weekend at Brainerd
  Moose Lake 2013
  World Championship
Grantsburg, WI
  Ely, MN 2013
  Superior Shootout
  Wet and Wild Weekend II
  2013 Final Standings
2012 Event Results
  June 3-4 Moose Lake, MN
  June 9-10 BIR Spring
  July 20-22 Grantsburg, WI
  Aug 11-12 Ely, MN
  Sept 15-16 BIR Fall
  2012 Final Standings
2011 Season Points
  Pro Open
  Pro Stock
  Semi Pro Open
  Semi Pro Stock
  Mod Drags
  800 Drags
  600 Drags
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