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Racing News for International Watercross Association (IWA).
  Updates from the annual meeting:
1. We have added a Woman's Open 800 Oval class to the season.  It will be raced as we can during an event but the plan is to follow how we schedule 600 Drags depending on registration.

2. We will be enforcing the decibel/noise levels regarding silencers already in place from both the IWA and ISR. Read the rules and be prepared not to race if you fall outside of these rules. 

3. We are also going to completely use SeriesTracker for charts this year. If you are unfamiliar with them or want examples, email us and we can provide you with them. We have made slight changes to stay consistent with the format everyone is used to. 

4.  Registration for racing using SeriesTracker will close 2 DAYS PRIOR to Driver Checkin.  For most events this will be Midnight on Wednesday. We will allow late registration by phone to a officer until noon on day of Driver Checkin. We will enforce the $50 PER CLASS fee NO EXCEPTIONS/EXCUSES and the fee will double with each event a driver uses this feature. You MUST contact an IWA officer and speak with them (please don't leave messages) or you may not race. We will no longer accept entries at Driver Checkin. 

5. 600 mod is allowed in the 800 stock drag class permanantly without review. 

6. mod clutch guard rules are written the same for stock racing. 

7. The IWA officials will enforce the Sportsmanship procedure especially related to out of lane calls and regarding missed bouys.  If going around a missed bouy or out of lan appears to be done recklessly, Race Director or other IWA officials will make the call. 


9.  Drivers can change from an Electrical PVF to a Mechanical PVF 

10. Lastly, We will be strongly enforcing the Procedure Manual statement regarding children in the pits. This simply states that NO children under the age of 12 are ALLOWED in the pits. You can ask for special allowance by the president however the child MUST be accompanied by an adult at ALL times and must wear proper safety equipment. We are all working hard to get the season off and running. If you have any questions, please let us know.
Congratulations to all of our racers for a great season.  The following are the Class Champions for 2012.  Check out the final standings
  600 Drags Krystle  Kulenkamp,  Mora  MN
  800 Drags David  Fischer, Eagan  MN
  Mod Drags David  Fischer, Eagan  MN
  Pro Open Chad  Maki,  Inver Grove Heights  MN
   Pro Stock Dale  Lindbeck,  Chisago City  MN
  Semi Pro Open Nick  Gustafson,  Roseau  MN
  Semi Pro Stock David  Fischer,  Eagan  MN
    Brainerd International Raceway
Fall Event

IWA World Series of Watercross
Sept 15-16 2012

Check out the Results
Race Freaks on FOX Sports Net
Hey guys and gals! Wanted to let you know of bonus coverage of the July 22nd race at Grantsburg, WI within the show Edge produces for Fox Sports Net, called “Race Freaks”.  Sorry for the late notice in getting you this, however, we just got the air times from FSN yesterday.  Here are the stations it will air on:


Classes Featured: 800 Drag, Modified Drag, Pro Stock Oval, Pro Open Oval


FOX SPORTS ARIZONA, Thu - 09/06/2012, 03:00 PM MT

FOX SPORTS DETROIT, Thu - 09/06/2012, 03:00 PM ET

FOX SPORTS FLORIDA, Thu - 09/06/2012, 03:00 PM ET

FOX SPORTS HOUSTON, Thu - 09/06/2012, 03:00 PM CT

FOX SPORTS MIDWEST, Thu - 09/06/2012, 03:00 PM CT

FOX SPORTS NORTH, Thu - 09/06/2012, 03:00 PM CT

FOX SPORTS OHIO, Thu - 09/06/2012, 03:00 PM ET

FOX SPORTS SOUTH, Thu - 09/06/2012, 03:00 PM ET

FOX SPORTS SOUTHWEST, Thu - 09/06/2012, 03:00 PM CT

FOX SPORTS WEST, Thu - 09/06/2012, 03:00 PM PT

FOX SPORTS WISCONSIN, Thu - 09/06/2012, 04:00 PM CT

MSG PLUS, Thu - 09/06/2012, 04:00 PM ET

MSG PLUS, Sat - 09/08/2012, 07:00 AM ET

ROOT SPORTS (Northwest Region), Tue - 09/11/2012, 01:30 AM PT

ROOT SPORTS (Northwest Region), Tue - 09/11/2012, 02:00 PM PT

ROOT SPORTS (Rocky Mountain Region), Thu - 09/06/2012, 04:00 PM MT


The shows for “Lucas Oil…On the Edge!” will not be airing until later in the year, or next year.  Please do your best to spread the word to the fans and drivers today!

Ballots are printed and are closed for the 2012 election.
 If you need a proxy ballot we need notice by Wednesday.  To be eligible for voting you must be an annual member in good standing.

Running for President:  Mike Benoy

Running for Secretary: 
   Jenefer Southwick (incumbent)                                        
   Shawn Zurn

Running for Board (2 open positions): 
   Joey Strub                                                                  
   Rachel O'Brien                                                                  
   Jason McPheeters                                                                  
   Krista Maki-Zurn
September 15-16
Brainerd Raceway, MN

The International Watercross Association (IWA) is bringing snowmobile watercross racing twice to BIR this summer for the first time. This is crazy fun racing that you just can't miss. Lake BIR in the middle of BIR's full-service RV campground will be transformed into a racetrack for snowmobiles. There will be an oval track and a drag strip - all on open water! This is a dual-event weekend with the Central Roadracing Association on the Competition Road Course for Superbike Racing.
Driver Check In will be Saturday morning at the track from 8:30-around 10:00 am.  If the weather allows we will be at the starting line with waivers and pit bands, however if that doesn't work we will move Driver Check indoors and will post the information once it is set.
Get all the details
2012 Overall Series Standings are posted.

See where you stand with one round to go!!
  Ely/Winton Rod & Gun Club Watercross
World Series of Watercross

Aug 11-12 2012
Results are posted.  Check it out!
8/8/12: Driver Check In 
Ely Driver Check In will be at the Race site (Winton Ely Rod and Gun Club from 730-9pm Friday night. 

Click here for Directions

Print detailed map for Ely
  8/7/12: Ely Registration
Registration for Ely will be closing this Friday at noon (3 days away).  If you plan to race and don't want to pay $50 per class at the door... log on to your SeriesTracker account and register.  If you have trouble call Jenefer at 612-221-9085.  Membership is
7/30/12: 4th Leg
The IWA is preparing for our 4th leg in the 2012 race season in Ely/Winton MN.  Registration is open and as with the prior events this year, is required through SeriesTracker.  Please click the registration button above and complete the process.  Membership is also required and can be purchased at the same time.  Please make sure you complete the membership also.  Registration closes at noon Friday Aug 10th.
    7/27/12: 36th Annual World Championship Watercross Results
Race Results and Season Points are available and posted. Congrats to all those who competed in the 36th Annual World Championship Grantsburg Watercross and we look forward to next year.
 See Full Results
  7/15/12:  Membership forms are REQUIRED. 
If you have not completed a membership form, we will have paper copies of the membership for those who want to complete it at Driver Check-In.  Any driver under 18 will also need to have a minor consent form completed with parents signing also.
  7/13/12:  36th Annual World Championship Watercross
We are down to 6 days until registration closes for the 36th Annual World Championship Watercross.  To save yourself $50 per class please make sure you register online using SeriesTracker.  If you are having trouble please contact us.  Some simple pointers that will make the process easy... remember that if you attempt to register and leave the SeriesTracker website for any reason, the program "saves" your bib number for 45min.  If you can't wait the 45 minutes you can add a letter to your number and you should be able to register without difficulties however it is YOUR responsibility to let us know you made that change.  Membership is required so please choose a membership when registering if you are not already an annual member.  As the rules states, in order to race Pro ovals, Semi Pro Ovals, or Drags you need to be a weekend member or annual member.  The associate membership is acceptable only for vintage racing.  Detailed instructions are available on the registration page.
  7/4/12:  36th Annual World Championship Watercross
We are fast approaching the 36th Annual World Championship Watercross in Grantsburg WI!  Just some pointers to help anyone who hasn't raced with us yet this year:  
  1.  We are using SeriesTracker for registration and payment is required prior to Thursday July 19th at 12 noon.  We will accept registration at the race site for $50 per class charge.  Membership is required and can be paid for at the same time as payment for racing using SeriesTracker.  Please complete membership forms and save yourself time at Driver Check-In.  We have detailed instructions on the registration page but if you have trouble, please let us know.  Registration closes promptly at 12 noon and this won't be allowed as a reason if you wait until the last minute and have a problem.      
  2.  Driver Check-In will take place to obtain event and pit bands from 6-8pm on Thursday evening at Hummer's Rendezvous in downtown Grantsburg (same place as last year) and at the IWA merchandise trailer from 8-10:30.  There will be staff at the trailer beyond 10:30 however we can't guarantee that you won't have to pay for your event band so please try to make it to one of the 2 Driver Check-In times scheduled.  If you can't make it during the scheduled times, please email us.     
  3.  Some changes to the rules were made so please make sure you are familiar with them.  We will be having post race tech as we did last year and every driver needs to plan on possible tear down of his/her sled.   
6/14/12:  The IWA is proud to announce we have a sponsorship deal in place with Wiseco Performance Products.
6/10/12:  Race results and points are posted.  We have gone with a simpler counting system and scoring this week used this method.  1st place receives 4points for any heat or qualifier and 1st place finish receives 200 in both drags and ovals.  See the procedural manual for details on calculating season points.
6/9/12:  Saturday heat results and finish positions for Saturday racing are now available.  We had some close racing and there will be 2 run offs tomorrow for SPO #244 and #454 and in SPS there are 7 drivers bidding for 4 spots.  Good luck to #380, 707, 119, 813, 58, 417, and 247!
6/8/12:  Registration closes for BIR spring event at noon today.  Driver Check-In from 8-10am Saturday at the IWA Merchandise trailer
6/7/12:  Congrats to the first C&A Pro Skis/IWA class winner Justin Gully!
6/5/12:  Registration is open for BIR this coming weekend and will close Friday June 8th at noon.
6/3/12:  Race Results and Season Points are posted for the Season Opener Moose Lake Grand Prix.  Check out the Race Results page for both.
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